What if you had a tool you could go to every time you needed support?

A tool that connected you back to your reason for starting this journey in the first place. That helps you move beyond triggers and the negative voice in your head. 

Custom guided meditations can do just that and help you with whatever you are needing support with in your life right now.

They are powerful tools that can help you heal and consciously create your life from an empowered place.

I know because I have been there! I felt anger, shame, fear, guilt, I felt like there was no way to heal and move beyond my past. But I was wrong. 

We are so much stronger than the things that have happened to us. We are capable and worthy of healing.

That is why I am so passionate about sharing the gift of guided meditations with you. 

Guided meditations can help you:


  • Let go of the past
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Forgive yourself & others
  • Create freedom & well-being
  • Help you create new beliefs & habits
  • Release pain & anger
  • Connect you to yourself & your truth
  • Heal your relationship with your body
  • Overcome destructive patterns
  • Cultivate Self Love
  • Build belief in yourself & your abilities
  • Support you in shifting your mindset
  • Transform your relationship with food
  • Help you create a life you love
  • Support you on your healing journey 
  • Connect you to your inner wisdom 

How this works:

  • We connect on the phone or video chat for 30 min to discuss your journey and what you are needing support with most right now.
  • You decide how many and how long you would like each of your custom meditations to to be.
  • I record and send you your meditations so that you can listen to them anytime & anywhere

What my clients are saying:

Love love love Ali’s meditation. My first session was quite emotional as it brought up some memories I didn’t even connect with my current situation. The best thing is that the meditation is tailored to my needs and therefore also has the perfect length. Thank you Ali!


I have been starting my day with the meditation you created for me. It is so beautiful and powerful. I love that it helps me create the space to give myself love, compassion and forgiveness. It helps to create a day lived with intention. Thank you for that! 


The meditation you’ve made for me is AMAZING. I love it so much, it is PERFECT to get me back into the space of manafesting and working toward my success. Thank you so much!


The meditation you made for me was beyond amazing! I really needed this it has helped me move beyond my struggle with self belief. I love what you’re doing it is phenomenal.