Hello Beautiful Human!

I am so excited that you are here & to have the opportunity to lead you on this journey of healing and transformation!

My name is Ali Betts, I am a meditation & yoga instructor, life coach, author, and serial entrepreneur. It is my mission to help you heal & connect to your inner wisdom & truth in order to love yourself and your life.

I have been coaching since 2010 and teaching meditation & yoga since 2013. Over the past decade I have helped clients and students from all over the world create incredible transformation in all areas of their lives.

I create products and services to help facilitate healing, self-love, self-compassion, self-awareness, forgiveness, mind body soul wellness, gratitude, and lasting transformation. 

Thank you for being here. 


Lets Work Together To. . .

  • Connect with your authentic self 
  • Heal & let go of past wounds
  • Develop lasting, healthy, & meaningful relationships
  • Learn to forgive yourself and others
  • Put an end to negative patterns for good
  • Step into your power and embrace your truth
  • Gain self mastery
  • Cultivate self-awareness & gratitude
  • Powerfully create a new version of yourself & your life


1:1 Coaching

Personalized 1:1 coaching sessions with me to help & guide you on your journey. Totally customized just for you from start to finish!

custom guided meditaitons

an amazing tool created just for you to help facilitate your growth & healing. Take & listen to them anywhere & anytime you need support, guidance, & connection.